Thursday, January 12, 2012

t-shirt scarf.

First, find a few old t-shirts you don't wear anymore, thrift them, or buy new - but choose thin, soft t-shirts. Second, lay the shirt flat on the table or floor. Third, cut 1 1/2 inch strips, remove the hemmed edges.  (fabric scissors work best). Fourth, save the sleeves for the end; they are used for the final wrapping. Fifth, organize the strips by length and gently pull on them.  They naturally curl in on themselves. Sixth, start piecing the stripes together the way you want it look.  Twist them, braid them, mix colors, add beads or old jewelery. Seventh, tie together, trim ends, and wrap with excess sleeve fabric.  Use a needle and thread to secure the end wrap on. Now you have an origanl scarf made by you, that no one else has!

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