Saturday, February 4, 2012

Newspaper Nails.

  • Base coat ( OPI Natural Nail )
  • Light nail polish ( OPI Elephantastic Pink )
  • Top Coat ( Sally Hansen )
  • Old newspaper.
  • Rubbing Alcohol ( 70% )
  • Remover and Cotton Swabs
  • Scissors
First, apply a good base coat. Next, choose a light-colored polish. Any light to medium pink, green, blue , yellow, white etc. will work. The ink won’t show up on colors like black, red, dark gray, navy blue or anything like that. Then, use a good, fast dry top coat. Do this step before and after the ink transfer for this reason. Sometimes, the ink won’t transfer correctly, straight, or fully. Everyone makes mistakes and this step will make sure that you can easily correct them if you do. After that, let your nails completely dry. This step is critical in the process, because if you do the following steps with wet nails it will ruin the polish underneath. Allow a few hours or overnight of drying time before transferring the ink. Cut the newspaper into small squares. Taking your scissors, cut out squares that are larger than the surface of your nail. Make sure that what you’re cutting out has equal sized writing on it. Transfer the ink. For this step, you want to carefully pour the rubbing alcohol into a small container, or lid. Dip your dry nail into the rubbing alcohol for 10 seconds, then firmly press the newspaper strip onto your nail. Be sure not to move it around , so you don’t smudge it. Hold it on your nail for around 20 seconds, and then carefully peel it off. Repeat on the 9 other nails. Clean up edges. Use a q tip and some nail polish remover to clean up any edges. And finally, Apply a top coat, again.

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